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    Social Impact Nomads is an initiative from Stella, the founder and program manager of 22STARS. Stella, Aidah and Susan are the founders of the 22STARS charity and CBOS in Uganda. In order to promote the work they do and show the beautiful tourism side of Uganda, they have been organising 17 group tours to Uganda since 2017. More than 80 people discovered this beautiful country and became part of the 22STARS Family. Stefanie Oeffner has been one of them, who joined a trip in 2018 and fell in love with the people, the food, the nature and the African music. Since then Stefanie came back many times to Uganda to co-host Social Impact Trips for the German speaking community.



  • Why do a Social Impact Trip With us ?

    Stella started the Social Impact Retreats (initally called Workations) end of 2016 with co-hosts Susan and Aidah, as she spent several months a year in Uganda and was missing a group of friends to share her experiences with. As Stella has many friends in the Digital Nomad Scene, she started wondering why not more people came to Uganda to work from there. She found out that many people knew just a little about Uganda. And not just that, without having a translator and someone that can show you around and introduce you to local communities, you will pretty much end up on a standard safari tour holiday. So Stella started organizing the first impact Workations as she knew best what her western friends were looking for on a trip to Uganda, and Susan and Aidah knoe best what would benefit the local communities they work and live in most. As with every workation/trip we raised so much additional money for the 22STARS Foundation and they were a lot of fun doing, we decided to host at least 2 trips a year.

  • The 22STARS Foundation

    Join us empowering families in Uganda!


    Our mission is to empower families in Uganda to rise above poverty. We use an integrated approach and focus on the development of economic, social, natural, human, and cultural capital. 22STARS collaborates with communities in Acholi Quarter in the capital Kampala and Danida in Jinja, who live in extreme poverty after having fled conflict zones in Northern Uganda and neighbouring countries.


    The 22STARS Foundation is run by Susan Laker, Aidah Wafula (Ugandan) and Stella Airoldi (Dutch/German). The trio first met in Uganda in 2009. Years of witnessing how entrepreneurship and education impacted Susan’s life, was the inspiration and motivation for the three to align their powers and start 22STARS. First they founded the 22STARS jewellery business in 2013; that sells beautiful products handmade from recycled paper by the women in Uganda. Then in 2017, the 22STARS foundation was registered in the Netherlands as an ANBI (Public Benefit Organization), and in Uganda as a Grassroot/Community Based Organization.

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