"We organise authentic life-changing workations and trips with 22STARS since 2017"

  • Group trips to the pearl of Africa

    Our Social Impact Retreats and Trips are specially designed for adventure-seekers, who are purpose driven and want to make a difference. While our Retreats are for everyone who speaks English and focus more on (location independent) Entrepreneurs our Trips are for German speakers and focus more on people seeking a holiday. Stella, Aidah and Susan are the founders of the 22STARS charity in Uganda. In order to promote the work they do and show the beautiful tourism side of Uganda, they have been organising 14 group tours to Uganda since 2017. More than 80 people discovered this beautiful country and became part of the 22STARS Family. Stefanie Oeffner has been one of them, who joined a retreat in 2018 and fell in love with the people, the food, the nature and the African music. Since then Stefanie came back many times to Uganda to co-host Social Impact Trips for the German speaking community.

  • Co-working, Skill-Sharing and Exploring with Impact!

    Our tours are specially designed for Adventurous people who love to dive deep into a local community, go off the beaten path and make a social impact while traveling. We organise a trip to Uganda benefitting the 22STARS Foundation and promoting local tourism.







  • Are you up for an adventure?

    Are you purpose driven?

    Do you want a unique local experience?

    Are you ready to make a social impact?

    Then sign up now for our future trips

    We put all our knowledge and experience into this trip, so that it will be a true life- changing experience for you!

    • We make a pre-trip assessment with you

    • We take care of all your travel arrangements

    • We have translators for you available during your whole trip

    • We know Uganda inside out and the needs of our Western visitors

    • We partnered up with amazing local organizations who assist us

    • We make sure you don't get overcharged and

    • We give you free coaching sessions, so you and the communities get the maximum social impact out of this trip!

  • The Experience

    Kampala and Jinja off the beaten track

    Join us for a group tour to the Pearl of Africa. You will reconnect with nature, connect with local communities and make a social impact. We offer you an experience that is truly unique and very different from a standard (work-) holiday. We work closely together with the 22STARS Foundation, whose focus lies on Education, Entrepreneurship and Local Leadership.


    You will spend some time with the 22STARS community in buzzling Kampala, which is the capital of Uganda. After that you will spend several nights in a safari tent at the source of the Nile in Jinja, close to were our second 22STARS project is located. Jinja is the adventure town for adrenaline junkies and nature freaks! Wake up to an amazing view, practice yoga, swim or mediate before your day starts.

    While we have every day activities arranged for you, during our Digital Nomad Workations, we also scheduled in enough "Free Time / Laptop Hours". You can choose to join us at the co-working space Design Hub to get some work done, or to share your skills at the 22STARS projects, or just relax at the swimming pool. It is you who decides how much of work / holiday you will have! We make sure that everyone gets what they need!


    We highly recommend you to stay a bit longer after your trip and add on a safari; we partnered up with the best local tour companies to give you the best deal and arrange everything for you! Additionally, you can also stay longer with the 22STARS Foundation as a volunteer! You tell us and we arrange it!


  • The Impact

    22STARS focuses on Education, Local Leadership and Entrepreneurship to empower families in Uganda. You will have the unique opportunity to get a deep inside in the work of 22STARS and the Ugandan culture and you will grow during the mastermind and coaching sessions. On average we generate 1.5 K in extra donations per workation participant for the Foundation and our participants go back home with a new mind and skill set!

    Project Visits

    You will visit small businesses, schools and homes of the 22STARS community. Aidah, Susan and Stella will show you how to make a positive contribution. Share your skills and optimize impact!


    We organize an Impact Workshop in which we show you the best ways to help, and where we will also address topics such as 'White Savior Complex' and 'Neo-colonialism'.


    You will have a one-on-one coaching session with Stella and three group coachings with the focus on how you can make a difference!


    Each session will offer you a combination of brainstorming, education, peer accountability and support to sharpen your business and personal skills.


    Our meals are prepared by the women of the 22STARS Foundation. We help supporting their businesses.


    Apply now for our next trip! For special requests and upgrades email us!

  • A Few Travel Notes

    • Arrive to Entebbe International Airport in Uganda
    • Make sure that you have all necessary vaccinations  and a visa! 
    • Apply for your tourist visa online at https://visas.immigration.go.ug/
    • In Uganda, you can get the local currency UGX out of almost every ATM
    • 3600 UGX is about 1 euro, but exchange rates keep changing
    • We pick you up from the airport and have your name on our sign!
    • After your booking is confirmed you will have pre-booking support for all the questions you might have
    • We will send you a packing list and a day to day itinerary

    Not included: visa, flights, lunch (at non project days) and dinner, drinks, mandatory travel insurance, incidentals, optional activities.

  • Meet Your Hosts!

    Aidah Wafula, Stella Airoldi and Susan Laker are your hosts for our English Speaking Workations!

    "This trio met 10 years ago and are changing lives!"


    Aidah - on the left - who is passionate about helping women setting up small businesses, Stella - in the middle - who loves personal development and making a social impact, and Susan - on the right - who is the best example of the impact education makes and who fights our future.


    Together they run the 22STARS foundation and know each other already since 2009, when Stella was volunteering at an Aids Information Center in Kampala and did research about post war victims. Aidah, who was from the big city connected Stella to Susan, who was a refugee from Northern Uganda. Stella met Susan using a translator to communicate, but to understand Susan's jokes and see her big heart no one needs a translation! Susan was certain that she would see Stella again, hence when Stella send once a year money to Aidah and Susan for their handmade paper jewellery, Susan took this opportunity to go back to school in order to talk directly to Stella herself!


    Susan is our local project manager in Kampala, Aidah is our local project manager in Jinja, and Stella, well she works from anywhere! Susan and Aidah know best what their local communities need, while Stella's unique nomadic lifestyle brings also a lot of advantages in. Stella is in Uganda about 5 months a year, bringing visitors to the projects, making payments and helping out where needed. The other 7 months she connects with donors around the world and makes sure the operations run smoothly.


    Your host Stella knows Uganda inside out and she knows what is important for Western people: you will be in the best hands for an off the beaten track experience. Your Ugandan hosts Aidah and Susan speak several local languages and will be available for you throughout the whole trip.


  • Special Co-Hosts for our German Speaking Trips!

    In addition to Aidah, Susan and Stella our German Speaking Impact Trips are co-hosted by Stefanie Oeffner!

    Meet our Co-Host: Stefanie Oeffner

    Our German speaking trips are co-hosted by Stefanie Oeffner who brought her community already 3 times to Uganda with us! Steffi joined one of Stella's Social Impact Trips / Workations in March 2018 and fell in love with the country! After sharing her experience on stage at the show or her boyfriend Nick Martin "6 Jarhe Weltreise, die geilste Lücke im Lebenslauf", many people wanted to join Steffi! And hence next to the Social Workations for Digital Nomads and Change-makers our Impact Trips were born: a meaningful and authentic holiday experience for German Speakers with Steffi as co-host. We had the first group over in May 2019, and two further trips in 2020. Then we needed to have a long break because of Covid. But now we are finally back with a new social impact trip for 2022.

  • The Acommodation

    In Kampala, we are staying 6 nights at a lovely hotel in the middle of a forest in the city with a lovely swimming pool, where also our 22STARS children can come and visit us. Our twin rooms are equipped with two single beds that are wide, with linen and mosquito nets supplied as standard, and a private bathroom.


    In Jinja we are staying 4 nights in Bujagali, a small village next to Jinja at the shore of the Nile. It is a 15-minute drive to the 22STARS project. We sleep in safari tents overlooking the Nile with hot showers around the corner. Glamping at its best! You will wake up with the nicest view: a beautiful river sunrise just outside your safari tent. Start your day with a morning swim and yoga class!

  • Stay Longer And Travel Together In Uganda!

    After your Social Workation, come and join us on a 3 day Safari to Murchison Falls: which is a must-see! Or Explore one of the other amazing places. We are there to help you with further travel arrangements. As we partnered up with local tour companies, we can assure you that we will get the best deals and tours for you. So before you book anything, get in touch with us so we can organize discounts for you! Click on the picture to find some travel inspiration and see what this amazing country has to offer!


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